• Hair : I am 29 yrs old and have lost hair from front and both side of head, means I have a male type of baldness, could you please tell me about the procedure of Hair transplantation? - Prem Sinha

    Hair transplant is a modern surgical technique to restore the normalcy in cases of partial baldness. There are different kinds of procedures adopted, which vary with the individual problem and individual person. The most common adopted procedure is the punch graft where fine hair punch will be taken from the access of the hair area to be re-implanted into the area of baldness.

    The most common variety is the male pattern of baldness and a patchy loss of hair, other than this a complete hair strip grafting is also done in many of the cases. The minor risk of pain, bleeding, infection, swelling, dissatisfaction, which does exist with every operation, are in this surgery as well. Individual cares to be taken accordingly. I will be in a better position to tell you much more in detail about the cost and the operative procedure when I see you personally.

  • Face : I use to have lot of pimple before 6 years, now I am left with marks on my face. Please tell me
    about How to get rid of these marks? - Meenal Vaidya

    Chemical Peeling is the most scientific technique of surface leveling in the series of sandpaper rubbing, Mechanical Dermabrassion, Electric Dermabrassion, Laser Surgery and others. Chemical peeling is a useful procedure for people having uneven skin surface due to small pox, Acne, pimples, cuts or scars. Chemical peeling is also useful to remove blemishes, pigmentation and oily skin In this technique the upper .3 to .5 layer of skin is been destroyed with the help of Chemical after giving sleep injections to the patients.

    The skin gets chemoabraded and turns white, light brown, chocolate brown, and finally terms into black scab, which falls of within 7 to 12 days time and you get absolutely bright new born baby soft skin from inside, which needs to be taken care to avoid any exposure to the light for sometime. Chemical peeling has very rewarding results and there is no risk of bleeding, burning, pain injection and other complication of old technique like Dermabrassion.

  • Cheeks : I am a healthy girl but I have sunken cheeks. Kindly guide something to change my hallow appearance of cheeks. - Rajni Saxena

    Cheek or chin implant operation is done with the help of silastic implants of suitable size and shape by introducing from inside the mouth. For this you don't need general anaesthesia or long hospitalization. Results are instant, quick and long lasting. For further details kindly consult personally. Auto fat Injection or Lipo transfer is a recent technology of medical science which helps to balance the unevenness of body for e.g. hollow cheek or depressed nose, sunken eyes and other body parts, which need shaping and contouring for perfect anatomy.

    In this procedure you don't need any general anaesthesia or hospitalization, one can go back home after a few hours if everything goes well, some amount of fat being taken out from the hips, thighs, tummy or body areas of excess fat. The fat after purification is being injected into the desired areas e.g. hollowness of cheeks this helps in balancing and uplifting of depressed areas and gives an excellent quality of results. The minor risks of anaesthesia, bleeding, pain, infection, swelling and dissatisfaction which does exist in every operation are often controllable with modern medicines in comparison to the past.

  • Chest : I am 30 yrs old and have relatively flat chest, I have heard a lot about Breast Implant and complications of Silicon Breast implants. Please guide me, is it safe to have Breast implant operation - Rupa Bansal

    Breast enlargement operation is done with the help of breast implants according to the height, body, shape and broadness of the chest. Particular size of the implant will be chosen, which will be suitable for anyone's body and will be placed behind the breast tissue through a small "nick" made under the breast tissue.

    For this following point to be noted:

    • It does not affect pregnancy, delivery or breast-feeding (Safe for unmarried girls also).
    • Consistency of the breast will be very much natural and no one can come to know about this until we tell him or her.
    • Mark of incision is very small and it fades away within 24 weeks time easily, in most of the cases if everything goes well.
    • Neither does it burst at high altitude or in aircraft nor does it cause any irritation once it is accepted by the body.
    • It doesn't have any proven relationship with cancer. (No misconceptions).
  • Chest : I am 28 years handsome boy, but I have enlarged chests, which is embarrassing me. I am
    going to get married very soon so kindly let me know about the treatment available for this problem as early as possible. - Mr. Karan Shah

    Male breast enlargement may be due to fat tissue alone or true enlargement of the breast glandular tissue. Reduction by the suction method is only applicable to those situations where fat tissue alone is responsible. Previous treatment methods required surgical excision of excess fat tissue through a small incision just below the pigmented portion of the nipple. The method was satisfactory but at times the surgical procedure was difficult and subject to a significant potential for post-operative bleeding (in large reductions). An excellent result with the suction method can be accomplished even if some fullness remains. A light pressure dressing controls the post-operative swelling quite satisfactorily. Bruising, however, must be anticipated. If there were true enlargement of the gland itself or any suspected tumor growth, removal by surgical excision would still be required.

  • Chin : I am a 28 yrs man and I have a protruding chin, which actually does not suit my face. Can
    cosmetic surgery solve this problem of mine? - Ankit Agarwal

    Some facial defects, such as protruding chins, call for the surgeon to actually break the existing bone structure, cut away part of it and shift the new structure into proper position. A jutting jaw (known as prognathism) often occurs in conjunction with the malocclusion of teeth, in which the upper teeth are not in alignment with the lower teeth. It can be present as a genetic defect or may sometimes be caused by an accident. One approach is to make a superficial cut at the joint in front of the ear, crack the bone and cut out a V-shaped piece of it. This causes the protruding jaw to fall in line with the rest of the face. The teeth and jaw are wired together to inhibit motion. No chewing is permitted for about six weeks during which time you'll only be allowed to sip liquids through a straw. The line of fine stitches in front of the ears fades away with time.

  • Ears : I am a beautiful girl but I have outward ears means ears are protruding like Prince Charles.
    Kindly guide something to change my funny appearance of ears like bat. - Reema Pilgaonkar

    The size, shape, and position of the normal ear are most often familial characteristic. This can be observed by under examination. Deformities of the ear are also of similar nature, including those, which show variations of cartilage contour and the protruding ear, particularly when both sides are involved. Repositioning or otherwise altering the flexibility cartilage structures performs the operation. There are several variations of deformity, each of which must be treated in a different manner. Basically, the surgical objectives are to be reducing the protrusion and at the same time to provide a normal configuration when the ear is view from side. Surgical incisions are ordinarily placed behind the ear where any remaining surface scars will not be visible.

    Occasionally external incisions are required, and these can be placed inconspicuously within the normal contours. In the performance of this operation it is necessary to raise and partially separate the underlying cartilage. After correction of position and contour, the carefully applied dressing. In order to avoid undesirable irregularities, the new cartilage contours are supported with soft cotton padding. Application of total head dressing (turban type is necessary so that both the ears can be protected, swelling minimized, and discomfort limited. It is ordinarily worn for approximately five to seven days after which time the remaining swelling will gradually disappear, some variations in management should be anticipated, depending largely upon the specific correction under consideration. The hazards or risks in this procedure are few. The operation has no adverse effects upon the hearing mechanism, which involves the inner ear structures.

  • Eyes : I am Romila, 38 yrs age and I have developed under eye bags, which are making me look older
    than what I am. So kindly guide me to over come this problem. - Mrs. Romila Bhatt

    Under aging changes in facial skin, downward shifting of the brow and fullness of the upper eyelid skin are the earliest signs of the normal aging process to become evident. Frequently, swelling of the eyelids, at first present only in the morning, seems to hang on longer each day, and eye-shadow make-up becomes smudged at the lid folds. Progressive upper lid fullness over a long period of time may produce overhanging skin folds that result in partial visual obstruction. Some conditions leading to rather early aging changes are repeated swelling due to allergic or related systematic problems, and a variety of anatomical characteristics that are genetic in origin. In addition to the wrinkling and sagging of the eyelid skin, so-called "bagginess" may become evident under the lower eyelids and at the inner corners of the upper lids. This is the result of protrusion or out-pouching of the fatty tissue under the lid.

    Occasionally, this tendency is strongly familial on origin, becoming noticeable at a relatively early age, sometimes in the mid-twenties. More often, however, the fullness is developmental in nature and appears at thirty-five or forty, becoming even more marked in the forties and fifties. All of the genetic aspects (dry skin, etc.) also contribute to early development of this condition. The preference for early surgical correction applies here as it does to facial surgery in general. When the condition of the eyelid has progressed to the point of visual impairment, or to the point where the muscular fibers around the eyelids have become more difficult. Sagging of the overstretched skin requires removal of the excess in all directions to achieve maximum benefit. Long-standing problems therefore require greater surgical change; at the same time they are less amenable to excessive displacement of the skin without jeopardizing final results.

    I am a 54 yrs woman, I would like to know about the rate of success of the surgery for eye bags. - Mrs. Sujata Shinde

    Fortunately, the results of early treatment can be highly successful. There may be more wrinkling or fullness in the skin as years to by; once fatty tissue " bags" are removed, however, they generally do not return. Correction may be performed along with the face-lift operation or as an entirely separate procedure when this area alone is primarily involved. Elevating the eyebrow also has a secondary effect upon the upper eyelid. This may be accomplished surgically and employed to advantage under those circumstances where downward displacement contributes fullness to the upper lid. A separate incision will be required that leaves a permanent although limited scar. Sometimes the brow can be elevated in the course of a face-lift procedure without leaving any visible scars. The following technical details should be noted.

    Surgical incisions are so placed that they will hardly be visible after several months have elapsed. Initially, they may appear as small red marks just to the side of the eye; as time passes, however, they fade into the normal lines ordinarily found in this area. The excess skin and any overstretched muscle fibers are removed from the upper lids along with the protruding fatty tissue. Similar correction is performed for the lower eyelids; in this area, however, specific attention is directed to the elimination of excess skin without undue tension on the lid margin. During surgery the same meticulous attention is directed toward small bleeding points as in any other procedure, and repair of incisions is performed with very fine suture material.

    I am 24 years girl with fair complexion but I have black circles around my eyes, which makes me look older. Please tell me how to get rid of this problem? - Ms Cristy Vaz

    Auto fat Injection or Lipo transfer is a recent technology of medical science which helps to balance the unevenness of body for e.g. hollow cheek or depressed nose, sunken eyes and other body parts, which need shaping and contouring for perfect anatomy. In this procedure you don't need any general anaesthesia or hospitalization, one can go back home after a few hours if everything goes well, some amount of fat being taken out from the hips, thighs, tummy or body areas of excess fat. The fat after purification is being injected into the desired areas e.g. hollowness of cheeks this helps in balancing and uplifting of depressed areas and gives an excellent quality of results. The minor risks of anaesthesia, bleeding, pain, infection, swelling and dissatisfaction, which do exist in every operation, are often controllable with modern medicines in comparison to the past.

    I am 46 yrs man and have bulgy eyes. Could you please tell me whether any procedure in cosmetic surgery can solve this problem and does the procedure hamper my eyesight? - Mr. Mangaldas Ballani

    As noted, this operation involves the eyelid structures and the surroundings soft tissues alone. Visual impairment following such a procedure is therefore not realistically a potential problem. While downward displacement of the lower eyelid is possible as the result of excess tension at the free margin, early and frequent squeezing exercises can be remedy this difficulty. Where the soft tissues show absence of good muscular tone before the operation, as in advanced cases, lower eyelid displacements may be significant enough to warrant secondary corrections, which may be necessary despite careful surgical technique. Finally, additional hazards or risks in this operation involve unfavorable healing-excess scar tissue, surgical wound infection, or prolonged post-operative swelling and discolouration. The last can be particularly troublesome when darker pigmentation is present before surgery. Additional post-operative problems are no more frequent than in other types of surgical treatment.

  • Wrinkles : I am a 32 years professional woman. My face looks like as if I am in my fifties because of wrinkles. Kindly help to overcome this problem. - Edna Juliet

    Facelift operation is done by making a cut in front of the ear, which goes up into the hairline and behind the ear as well. After separating the skin from the deeper structures we tighten and improve the base with placation stitches. Next step in this procedure is to assess the extra saggy amount of skin trimming of it and fine embroidical stitches of skin to give minimum scar. This procedure is very helpful for the people who are developing the signs of aging at an early age, like saggy cheeks, prominent smile lines, deep angle of mouth lines, Turkish gobbler lateral jaws and coarse wrinkle, may be like crow feet smokers line so on.

  • Result of Surgery : How long will the results of cosmetic surgery last? - Belinda Gomes

    A face and neck lift, when combined with eyelid surgery, actually retards the aging process. It continues, but at a slower rate. The skin will not "suddenly fall down". That is an impossibility. How long the effect lasts varies from person to person, but generally it is between 5 to 10 years. Some patients may never require another face-lift. Others may need one before five years. Still in other cases, where there is marked aging of the neck, or excessive loose skin on the face, neck and jaw, it may be rarely necessary to perform a second face-lift within a year to achieve the maximum possible improvement. Pouches under the eyes, once they are surgically removed, do not usually return. But, as the aging process continues, the skin in this area also becomes loose and tends to hang; this may call for surgically tightening it up at a later stage. In the case of implants (like cheek, chin, nose and breast implants), once they are well accepted by the body, the results are long lasting and virtually permanent.

  • Guaranty of Surgery : Are the results of Cosmetic Surgery "guaranteed"? - Parveen Shaikh

    Cosmetic surgery is not an exact science; in fact, it is a combination of a science and an art. Besides, the final results depend on a variety of factors, many of which are not entirely within the control of the surgeon or the patient. To give one example; the healing process varies from individual to individual and is absolutely unpredictable. It depends on very many variables, including the area operated upon, the quality of tissue, the blood supply, the presence or absence of infection, the body's immune response to a foreign body such as an implant, the level of personal hygiene maintained, and so on. For this reason, it is not possible to "guarantee results". What is possible, however, is to maximise the potential for good results, and in achieving this, your active involvement as a patient becomes very important.