Wrinkle-erasers, fat-busters, hair-restorers, breast-enhancers all these and much more are now on offer in the fascinating and fast-exploding world of cosmetic surgery which this pioneering book explores. You'll find here all you need to know to get the body you want. The possibilities, the procedures, the practicalities and how to ensure you get the best results.

"Changing Faces" is authored by Dr. Vijay Sharma, a frontliner in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in Bombay, with 14 years of surgical experience and international expertise; and Nirmala Ferrao, former editor of "Savvy" and "Health & Nutrition" and author of "Look Younger, Live Longer and Have a Great Sex Life!" Inside "Changing Faces", you'll find: The facial procedure that could make the most dramatic difference to your face!. The 'weight loss' method that works when every other method has failed!. Dramatic transformations for the nose, tummy and breast!

Revolutionary new techniques in hair-restoration!. The cutting-edge benefits of laser cosmetic surgery!. How to shop for the right surgeon and avoid unprincipled practitioners. All the questions to ask the surgeon before you take a decision. Advanced computer simulation to reveal your 'future look'!. And much, much more!