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Liposculpting / Liposuction can remove fat, but it cannot remove skin that has stretched and become wrinkled and loose in the process of accommodating a great excess of fat. Such skin needs to be trimmed and then sutured into a flatter, tauter look. In other words, lipectomy. But liposuction has transformed the traditional approach to lipectomy as well.

3-D Nasal Implant

Dr. Vijay Sharma has invented a three-dimensional implant, which has got two components, one is main implant with a hole at the junction of the tip and second is medium diameter fine wire. This operation technique gives freedom and ability to design circular, oblige, uplifted, blunt, droopy and uneven nostril to match with other parts of the nose.

Cosmetic Surgery

While cosmetic surgery will certainly improve your appearance and, in many cases, make you more youthful-looking than before, it is a self-delusion to believe - as many do - that cosmetic surgery can miraculously turn back the clock to the extent that a person who's 40 plus will look 21 again.

Face Lift

Through all your years of youthfulness, your facial skeleton is kept smooth and firm by three layers of tissue : muscle, fat and skin. Aging affects all three, muscles lose tone, gravity pulls fat downward and skin becomes less elastic. The result: a craggy, sagging, jowly look as everything seems to go to pieces.