Till date we have equipped with two-dimensional nasal implants, which gives support to the dorsum and columella of nose to enhance and uplift the nose. In this process their are limitations to improve the depressed nostril borders or uneven surface. Here the major complications for the three-dimensional nasal implant that it becomes impractical. Since all the above problem the scientist they do agree with the dwarf technology and limitations of operative procedures. To over come the above-mentioned limitations, Dr. Vijay Sharma has invented a three-dimensional implant, which has got two components, one is main implant with a hole at the junction of the tip and second is medium diameter fine wire.

Operation technique : After giving the local anaesthesia we start digging the inside of the nostril base at the junction of nose and tip from inside of nose with the finest liposuction cannula, which creates a tunnel at the nostril lining, which goes up to the tip and cross the border of other side and comes out of the base of the nostril through the lumen of liposuction cannulae we pass a thick nylon wire. Within the mouth after creating a tunnel, which extend from naso labial junction to the globella (nose forehead junction). In which we introduce the nasal implant with a hole at the tip. Now through the previously dugged tunnel around the nostril we put reasonable thick silastic wire, which passes through the hole of the nasal implant and help this to stay in position for ever. This operation technique gives freedom and ability to design circular, oblige, uplifted, blunt, droopy and uneven nostril to match with other parts of the nose.

With the 3D graphic Camera and orthopentomogram, the 3D graphic image is been taken and a fusion is done with Medical Resonance Index of face with "Stay Young" software, we make presumptive changes on the face or body part on computer and take millimeter to millimeter assessment of the face or body part to volume of soft tissue (skin, fat, cartilage and muscle) and proposition of hard tissue (bone and teeth).

"Stay young" software will give clear picture of the amount of subtraction or addition of the soft tissue and hard tissue & will act as a honest monitoring device to ensure the perfect performance of cosmetic surgery along with the assured safety by not doing any harm to essential anatomic components like nerves and vessels.