Rise of technological advancement have always helped mankind to enhance capabilities.

In the history of Cosmetic Surgery Diagnostics role of computer simulation has been tremendous.

2 Dimensional computer imaging has increased the horizon of following :

  • Clear assessment of Aesthetic defects.
  • Reachable into the emotional depth of patients and clients.
  • Able to show them multiple options.
  • Showing them the limitations of cosmetic surgery.
  • Possibility of showing "if anything goes wrong".
  • Decreasing the false hopes and expectations.

Now 3-Dimensional Technology has given :

  • Vector freedom.
  • Near to natural image assessment.
  • Freedom of holding 'your own face in your own hand' like a statue.
  • Ultra Micro Assessment of flaws and appreciation.


  • Enhancement of confidence in Technology and Strong opinion.
  • Surety of decision for choosing the correct procedure.
  • Awareness of complications during post operative phase.
  • Down sizing the false hopes and expectations.


3-Dimensional computer image assessment is definitely a technological breakthrough and freedom of achieving aesthetic diagnosis.